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This program develops a practitioner’s ability and confidence in sharing Gotama Buddha’s teachings. This program focuses on ensuring a Teacher Training candidate has the theoretical knowledge and practical experience to teach and guide students in learning and practicing the teachings of Gotama Buddha.

At the conclusion of this course, Teacher Training candidates will have the ability to conduct discussions (dhamma talks), teach meditation, and guide students in developing their understanding and practice of Gotama Buddha’s teachings.

Requirements to Complete Program

- Ability to teach Basic, Intermediate, and Advance courses.

- Ability to lead and teach in a retreat setting.

- Organize and conduct a community outreach program.

- Reside in Thailand for an accumulated two (2) years.

- Additional Requirements to be discussed during in-person discussions.

Class Schedule & Location

Taught as an apprenticeship program in classes and retreats over a period of six (6) years starting from the date of the students first Basic Meditation Practitioner Course.


This course is offered at no cost. Donations will be accepted to contribute to the expense of hosting the program. All are welcome and no one is turned away for lack of funds.


Each Teacher Training candidate will receive a certificate that acknowledges their completion of the program. Graduates will be required to renew their certificate every two (2) years through continuing education programs.


(Complete Each Course as a Student Two (2) Times)

Basic Meditation Practitioner Course
Intermediate Meditation Practitioner Course

Advanced Meditation Practitioner Course

Two (2) Years of Practical Experience Starting from Basic Meditation Practitioner Course.

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