David Roylance is a dedicated practitioner and Teacher of Gotama Buddha’s teachings who has been part of the Thai community since 2001. He visited Thailand for the first time in 2002 and brought the Traditional Thai Healing Arts back to the United States of America to share with people in the Western World.

His Traditional Thai Healing Arts centers located in the Washington DC area provided traditional Thai healing arts to clients and educational opportunities to students to explore the Thai healing arts, Thai culture, and the teachings of Gotama Buddha. David is a published author with books on the topics of Traditional Thai Healing Arts and The Path That Leads to Nibbana.

David has taught Gotama Buddha’s teachings since 2005 in the United States of America. In 2015, he closed his businesses and relocated to Chiang Mai, Thailand to be closer to the Thai culture and the Thai community of Buddhist practitioners.

David shares Gotama Buddha’s teachings with Household Practitioners and Ordained Practitioners in Chiang Mai, Thailand and around the world through courses, retreats, and special events providing guidance to help people attain Enlightenment - a peaceful, calm, serene, and content mind with joy.



Veerayuth Pongsiri

Mindfulness Thai Gong Bath Instructor

Venerable Dr. Thanat Inthisan, PhD.

President of Wat Thai Washington DC & Secretary General of The Council of Thai Bhikkhus in the USA

Charita Pongpai

Yoga Instructor



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Developing a Life Practice: The Path That Leads to Enlightenment (Volume 1) by David Roylance.

This book is an essential guide on The Path to Enlightenment and offered at no cost to help you learn and progress in your understanding and practice of Gotama Buddha's teachings.