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David welcomes all students to learn and practice the teachings of Gotama Buddha to attain Enlightenment.

"David Roylance meets me with compassion and patience when I need it the most, and never loses focus on Gotama Buddha's teachings and his feedback is very on-point.

He shows no expectations in what kind of student I should be, or how fast I should progress, but meets me precisely where I am when I struggle with my suffering mind. His guidance is suggesting and not demanding, and I feel very grateful and lucky to have found such a competent teacher."

Julie Skog (Norway)

Upcoming Courses & Retreats

  • Group Learning Program - Virtual Classroom (Thailand Time)
  • The Words of The Buddha - Pali Canon in English Study Group
  • Active Retreat (Basic & Intermediate) (10-Days in Chiang Mai, Thailand)


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Developing a Life Practice: The Path That Leads to Nibbana

Developing a Life Practice: The Path That Leads to Nibbana (Edition VII) by David Roylance.

This book is an essential guide on The Path to Enlightenment and offered at no cost to help you learn and progress in your understanding and practice of Gotama Buddha's teachings.


Daily Wisdom - Walking The Path with The Buddha

+66 61-905-4774 (Phone & WhatsApp)

Wat Tung Yu
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