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Wat Doi Suthep - Chiang Mai, Thailand
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Grand Opening Buddhist Event and Sharing Teachings


The Path to Enlightenment is a purification of the mind by training the mind, reaching a point where the mind experiences only peacefulness, calmness, serenity, and contentedness with joy - the Enlightened mind.

The Path to Enlightenment is the solution to the challenges you experience in the world, and the solutions of how to heal from what hurt you so that you never need to hurt again.

In order to progress on The Path to Enlightenment, a Practitioner will need a Teacher to receive guidance. One would not be able to only read a book and attain the results of an Enlightened mind.

Nothing in The Teachings of The Buddha is based in belief. All his Teachings can be learned, reflected on (i.e. independently verified), and practiced to observe the truth by acquiring wisdom. As the mind "gradually" acquires wisdom, the condition of the mind gradually improves.

It is a real struggle to exist in a world that the mind does not understand, so you will need wisdom.

This new found wisdom "gradually" improves the way the mind functions in the world through eliminating discontentedness of mind. The mind can completely eliminate all discontent feelings such as sadness, anger, frustration, irritation, annoyance, guilt, shame, fears, boredom, loneliness, shyness, jealousy, resentment, stress, anxiety, etc. on The Path to Enlightenment. The Enlightened mind will also experience a high degree of focus, concentration, deep memory, and clarity of mind. Your personal and professional relationships will blossom. Essentially, the Enlightened mind is never in a bad mood, you are always experiencing a good mood because you have eliminated the conditions from the mind that cause a bad mood.

Through actively learning and practicing The Teachings of The Buddha with guidance, the mind becomes Enlightened, in that, you can observe the improvement in the condition of the mind as you eliminate all discontent feelings where the mind can reside peaceful, calm, serene, and content with joy - permanently. You are not believing The Teachings wishing for a positive outcome at some point in the future or after death. Instead, by training the mind, you are observing the improvements to the condition of the mind right now, in the present moment.

Only a Buddha would be able to attain Enlightenment on their own without Teachers. Some of the criteria that make “a Buddha - a Buddha” are:

1.) A Buddha discovers The Teachings on their own, attaining Enlightenment without help from a Teacher.

2.) A Buddha dedicates the rest of their life to sharing their independently discovered Teachings and guides countless others to Enlightenment.

3.) A Buddha preserves their Teachings in a condition that they guide countless others to Enlightenment after their death.

The last Buddha currently known to the world existed over 2,500 years ago.

That means you and everyone else will need Teachers on this Path to Enlightenment. A Buddha has already done the hard work of figuring out how to attain Enlightenment. You just need to learn and practice his Teachings with the guidance of Teachers to improve the condition of the mind and your life.




David welcomes all Students to learn and practice
The Teachings of The Buddha to attain Enlightenment.


"David Roylance meets me with compassion and patience when I need it the most, and never loses focus on Gotama Buddha's teachings and his feedback is very on-point.

He shows no expectations in what kind of student I should be, or how fast I should progress, but meets me precisely where I am when I struggle with my suffering mind. His guidance is suggesting and not demanding, and I feel very grateful and lucky to have found such a competent teacher."

Julie Skog (Norway)

Upcoming Courses & Retreats

(Mini-Lesson #1) - Introduction to The Path to Enlightenment
(Mini-Lesson #2) - What is Enlightenment?
(Mini-Lesson #3) - The Universal Truth of Impermanence
(Mini-Lesson #4) - The Universal Truth of Discontentedness
(Mini-Lesson #5) - The Universal Truth of Non-self
(Mini-Lesson #6) - The Four Noble Truths - The First Noble Truth


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Developing a Life Practice: The Path That Leads to Enlightenment

Developing a Life Practice: The Path That Leads to Enlightenment (Volume 1) by David Roylance.

This book is an essential guide on The Path to Enlightenment and offered at no cost to help you learn and progress in your understanding and practice of Gotama Buddha's Teachings.

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